Saturday, October 14th, BRIDGE TO NOWHERE

Screen_Shot_2017-10-12_at_4.09.13_PM.pngWYLD is starting the fall hiking season off adventurously with our annual hike to the BRIDGE TO NOWHERE!We recommend this 10 mile round trip hike along the East Fork of the San Gabriel River, home to Desert Big Horn Sheep, and we bet you'll see some, along with lots of river crossings, desert flora, and fauna, and if you're lucky - Mountain Lion or Bear tracks. But don't worry, the mega fauna are shy and this trail is popular in the day time, so chances of seeing an actual bear or mountain are slim to none.

Mountains: The San Gabriels

Trail: East Fork Trail, which follows the East Fork of the San Gabriel River

Forest information: The Sheep Mountain Wilderness, and Angeles National Forest. 

Parking: You will need an "adventure Pass" for parking, obtainable at any ranger station, and many nearby gas stations, and REI, etc. Also, the lot fills up quickly, so the earlier you get there, the better. 

This hike is worthwhile even if you don't make it to the bridge. There are lots of places to have lunch, and even pan for gold.  

Want to know more about how to get there? This site has lots of great details:

Here is some fascinating history of why the bridge goes, well, NOWHERE, and why so many people think this destination is somewhere!

Want help us help urban youth get out and into the WYLDS of nature? You can donate at and THANKS!!


1. You've turned in all forms and your story, RIGHT? Ok, let's get hiking!

  • Meet in front of Carver at 7 am. We will return at 7 pm.
  • Please remember to bring a healthy lunch and snacks, and remember no candy, gum, soda or electronics, except cameras or phones in 'airplane' mode for pictures. 
  • Wear a HAT, Shorts, bring a sweatshirt, and comfy shoes that can get dirty. We like running-type shoes. 
  • Bring a school-type backpack with a pen and pencil, but no other school supplies needed. 

We can't wait to adventure with you!!!!!

Please contact us with questions at any time.

Thank You!

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