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Shawn T. Keagy Memorial Fund for WYLD

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Dear Friends,

Shawn often said that his boyhood spent catching lizards in Paso Robles was one of the most significant factors in the development of his personality - that it fed his sense of adventure, showed him the value and costs of risk-taking through hills conquered and scraped knees, and taught him how to persist when faced with complex problems. That time in nature, Shawn would say, had been his favorite classroom, and the lizards & snakes, his best teachers.

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#GivingTuesday - Launch Gardens!

Our Goal TODAY - $1,000 & By Jan 1st, $5,000!!

We are raising the money to create a space for youth and military veteran service-members to cultivate relationships, outside of the trail (yea that pun was intended ;), and to connect with mother nature, food, and inspire healthy eating.  #EveryDollarCounts & builds momentum!


#GivingTuesday_Launch Gardens from Chris C on Vimeo.

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Come HIKE & Potluck w/ US!!! - Sat dec 12th!!!

Hello beautiful people!!!!

So here is the deal, WYLD's team, Sonja, Chris, Fran & Meghan in Spirit, are gonna be in the San Gabriel mtns and we want to invite all of you to join us in exploring our local outdoors, have great conversation, and help WYLD raise funds for future hikes with our youth and veterans! 



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Hike with the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust


On November 7th, WYLD partnered with the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust (LANLT) to take students from Fremont High School's Garden Apprenticeship Program out to the Angeles Mountains for a day hike on the Gabrieleno Trail. 

Fremont High's Garden Apprenticeship Program (GAP) is an after school program that trains and engages students around the basic concepts and practices of urban gardening, nutrition, and environmental stewardship. Throughout the hike, students witnessed the larger environmental processes and systems learned in the garden at work!

We divided into two groups; one that wanted a more physically rigorous hiking experience, and another wanting to focus more in-depth on the local flora and fauna of the area. Throughout the day, we paused our explorations for team-building activities, moments of reflection and lessons on topography and the properties of native vegetation.

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An Inspired loop trail with Military Veteran Service-Members

On this Thanksgiving @ WYLD we are honored and thankful to have spent last Saturday with 5 Service Members and 2 staff from the VA day hiking around the inspiration loop trail, with a jaunt up the backbone trail at Will Rogers State Park in the Santa Monica Mountains.  Service-members heard about WYLD’s youth mentoring program and expressed interested in helping us out!! 


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A Halloween Night-Hiking We Did Go!


On October 31st WYLD and a tight-knit group of 12 seasoned nature enthusiasts from the Carver Middle School area headed out at 6pm for some student-lead night exploring at Griffith Park. Along for the ride were Chris Chandler, parent-volunteer Lizz, and new-to-us guide, Kiwi Raza-Blade Dave, as he would later be nick-named. Donning costumes, most of us, and bright, blinky, and on-way-too-often headlamps, we headed out from Fern Dell below the observatory and aimed right for the Planetarium to see the half-hour presentation of "Centered in the Universe." After learning all about famous astronomers and their discoveries, we ventured out, up and away into the hills, destination: the Hollywood sign. It was Nicole's 13th birthday, so she had the map.


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STRECH GOAL --> For those that missed the deadline... If we get to 80k we can send off one more expedition this fall with youth & vets! See www.wyld.org to to support

Visualizing Our Stretch Goal - The Wyld Thermometer!!!

fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and youth sports teams

We are FUNDED!!!!


We're going WYLD for WYLD to the WYLD!!! We ended up stormin' right through our goal at the 11th hour!!


Thank you all for all you've put into Wyld and all that will come. Now let's get some kids and vets out to the wyld this summer and beyond!!!



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WHAT goes into an L.A. WYLD day hike?

WHAT goes into an La WYLD DAY HIKE? 

  • FIRST, we need participants, so we have an after school club leader on the campuses we work with.
  • SECOND, we have forms, and more forms that need to be COPIED, re-copied, filled out by parents and organized by staff. Kids are called the night before to remind them to bring lunches, water and show up.
  • THIRD, we choose a location which needs to be SCOUTED out by, at least, the two main hiking guides (Vets and other staff) at least a week BEFORE the trip can happen. Scout trips make sure there are no washed-out trails; Identifies where we can take breaks on the trail as we go; Any possible hazards; Where local hospitals are in case we need them, and identifies AT LEAST two trip itineraries: the optimal one and one in case we hike slower than we anticipated. Hiking guides, like circus and other performers, are professionals who have been perfecting their craft for a long time, are GREAT with kids, and THEY GET PAID! for their knowledge and skills.
  • FOURTH: An ITINERARY is planned, written, copied for all staff members. 
  • FIFTH: Transportation! Usually two 10 person vans procured the night before by staff. Vans range from $150 to $200 a piece, and we have to pick them up at LAX. 
  • SIXTH: Guides and club leaders arrive on-site an hour before students, usually between 5:30 and 6:30 am. to go over itinerary, emergency procedures and any stand-out issues on youth medical forms. 
  • SEVENTH: The kids arrive and learn how to read a city map and a topo map of where we are going. They also are handed compasses for the day and taught how to use them. Students are also taught how to identify useful native plants, which can be eaten if necessary, and how the native Americans used them. All kids learn the seven principals of Leave No Trace. 
  • NINTH: We carry out more trash than we brought in. 
  • TENTH: WE HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!
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Wylderness Youth Leadership Diversity

WYLDer & WYLDer from LA WYLD on Vimeo.

Welcome to WYLD!  

WYLD's mission is to empower underserved urban youth and U.S. Military Veterans through transformative wilderness leadership programs and mutually beneficial mentor relationships.

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