An Inspired loop trail with Military Veteran Service-Members

On this Thanksgiving @ WYLD we are honored and thankful to have spent last Saturday with 5 Service Members and 2 staff from the VA day hiking around the inspiration loop trail, with a jaunt up the backbone trail at Will Rogers State Park in the Santa Monica Mountains.  Service-members heard about WYLD’s youth mentoring program and expressed interested in helping us out!! 


It was a gorgeous day… with visibility over the ocean such that you could see Nicholas Island!!! #GoogleIt  We ran a hike as we do with the youth to familiarize the Service-members with our curricula and how we roll out

We played a game charade-type teambuilder in the morning. Elcor and Raymond, while blindfolded, had to wear a crown, throw tennis balls in a bag, and dance the macarena.  They were instructed on these activities by team-members who couldn’t see them, who had to interpret other team-members’ charades about what to do.  It was silly and ridiculous and a ton of FUN!!!

We also had a great discussion after another teambuilder, the helium stick.  We spoke of how communication is different in different groups and settings, how on trail trail we have a certain language, among service-members there a certain understanding of each other, and that many times the holidays can be challenging with family who can’t really speak the new languages we’ve learned in life.  A couple members, wyld staff included, got to share about some intimate moments.  It was an awesome day and we at WYLD are honored and excited about more opportunities working with service-member to empower youth!


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