Fossil Finding at Latigo Canyon

Fossil_Hunting.jpgWe had fun exploring the past in the Santa Monica mountains last month! In fact, we've headed out with two groups to this site thus far, and we'll be back for more. We especially love having expert guidance from two USC students took us on a paleontological and geological trek back into the Miocene epoch to find fish and other sea-dwelling crawlers back when the Santa Monica mountains were still the ocean floor. 

Slide show HERE!

Where? Latigo Canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains just West of Kanan Dr. Drive about 7 miles from PCH on Latigo Canyon, park in the dirt lot on the left, and walk 2 miles to the fire road. Head west on the fire road to the easy-to-find dirt plateau just up the road, have some lunch, and then get your hand lens out and start exploring the crumbly hill along the trail. You won't be disappointed!!!!

Next up, we tie it all together with a trip to the Palos Verdes tide pools to explore the present ocean-dwellers and see if we can identify any similarities. 

And stay tuned for upcoming Leadership projects the kids are coming up with help solve problems they have identified. :)

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