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    Our Favorite Moments...


    In their own words...


    Mono Lake camping trip, 2016. 6th-8th grade.

    WYLD asked students, "What are you excited about? What are you feeling trepidatious about?"

    “I’m excited about everything. I’m trepadacious about getting lost, and leaving my pet at home”


    ‘I am excited about sleeping under the stars. I’m trepadacious about crossing the crack, the San Andreas Fault.”


     “I’m feeling happy, and a little scared of the San Andreas Fault. I’m excited to learn new things.”  

    -Megan H.

     “I’m excited about everything and exploring new things.”

    -Brandon H.

    WYLD asked students, describe your experience at Fossil Falls.

    “Fossil Falls was……...AWESOMANGEROUS!”


     “Can we do another solo walk?”


    Share the love! Let us know what you loved most about one of our hikes, garden days, or a camping trip!


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    "I like mountains!”

    Daria looked back up the 2 mile trail she just descended and was convinced she could not make it. Before she had even taken one step her breaths shortened, her body slung forward, and she was visibly worried and feeling anxious.  Daria is a good student who likes to write and move around, but who does not get enough space to do so or exercise.  She is smart and funny, but doesn’t have confidence when it comes to physical activities.  Each step was a hardship often accompanied by  “I can’t go on another step.’ And yet she managed to eak out just one more.  When we neared the top of the trail head she looked back over the valley and asked, “Did we just come from there?” Did I just climb a mountain?”  “I’ll need better shoes next time.”  “...I’ve never been to Disneyland or Knotts Berry Farm, and I’ve never been to a mountain.” I like mountains!”

        Daria, like eleven year olds everywhere, are the future of this country and world. Integral to her own success is the success we have with mitigating loss and harm to nature. Daria learned a lot about herself that day on the trail, as did her peers, and she also made a connection to the wyld that could do more than just benefit her physically and mentally, but can also benefit all of us for generations to come. In order to understand nature and ourselves, we need a connection with mother earth, and ourselves.

    *Names were changed to protect identities


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    There are numerous ways to get involved with WYLD.  Check out our volunteer calendar to stay abreast of specific opportunities to volunteer, and let us know what events and activities you'd LOVE to participate in!

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    Shawn T. Keagy Memorial Fund for WYLD

    Please click here to donate, & put "Shawn T. Keagy Memorial Fund" in the remarks section.


    Dear Friends,

    Shawn often said that his boyhood spent catching lizards in Paso Robles was one of the most significant factors in the development of his personality - that it fed his sense of adventure, showed him the value and costs of risk-taking through hills conquered and scraped knees, and taught him how to persist when faced with complex problems. That time in nature, Shawn would say, had been his favorite classroom, and the lizards & snakes, his best teachers.

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    MONTHLY Donations available through PayPal only

    Prefer the Old Fashioned Way?

    If you prefer not to give online, but still would like to make a contribution, please send a check to the following address and make payable to Community Partners, with 'WYLD' in the memo line. We've partnered with Community Partners as our fiscal sponsor, learning more by clicking on the links.

    Mailing Address:

    PO Box 26171
    Los Angeles, CA, 90026

    Here's where your contributions go:

    $10 - Garden class: Help a student find and enjoy nature within their own school! This donation sponsors one student's garden class at Carver Middle School for one week! 

    $25 - Forest hike: Many WYLD students have never been to the beach or gone hiking. $50 sponsors one student's day hike to the surrounding mountains!

    $50 - First Overnight Camping trip  

    $100 - Pre-trep preparation including a training hike 

    $250 - Camping trip: Sponsors a student's 5-day science based educational program in Mono Lake or sister school trip on the central coast!

    $350 - Sister Schools Student: Sponsor a youth on a joint trip to a science school on the central CA coast!

    $500 - Backpacking: Sponsors a student on an 8-day backpacking trip in the Eastern Sierra backcountry!

    $1,000 - Sister School Program: Fund a student in on an year long sister school program, bringing students of different backgrounds together through a garden service learning program and culminating camp trip!

    $5,000 - Backpacking Trip: Sponsor a complete backcountry trip, with 10 youth!

    $10,000 - WYLDer Together :) Sponsors any of the following events- A 15 students day hike to the surrounding mountains, a 10 student front-country trip to Mono Lake, and a 10 student backpacking trip to the Eastern Sierra backcountry

    $25,000 - Sponsor an entire class through Catapult program: of 50 total youth for service learning, gardening hiking, camping & breaking down cultural barriers!

    $150,000 - Fund an entire Year of WYLD programing..

    YOU ROCK! Thanks for making WYLD possible! - The Team 


    Note: We are WYLD about your contribution and would like to thank you in advance for your generosity! WYLD is a project under Community Partners, 501(c)3 organization and therefore all donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowable.


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    Come HIKE & Potluck w/ US!!! - Sat dec 12th!!!

    Hello beautiful people!!!!

    So here is the deal, WYLD's team, Sonja, Chris, Fran & Meghan in Spirit, are gonna be in the San Gabriel mtns and we want to invite all of you to join us in exploring our local outdoors, have great conversation, and help WYLD raise funds for future hikes with our youth and veterans! 


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    :))) Thank you. We have a lot of trips in the works. Pix and stories will be posted.
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