Sister Schools

WYLD’s Sister School program aims to create social unity and cultural awareness among diverse communities by pairing together students from different neighborhood schools.  The Sister School program is a three-trip series where students first explore their own neighborhoods first, then students come together to meet for a one-day team-building and leadership hike, and the program culminates with an overnight backpacking and service project in the local mountains. WYLD provides a social media introduction for each student and a Spanish language component.


Program Areas of Focus:

      1.   Understanding Diversity
.   Leadership Skills
3.   Teambuilding Activities
      4.   Outdoor Ethics – Leave-No-Trace
      5.   Curriculum-Based Learning
      6.   Community Service Learning



The sister school program will:


⦁Pair two classes or groups of students from different schools with the participation of two teacher-leaders.  


Teachers and WYLD leaders will identify a common project and expedition for the student team.


Students will be paired and make introductions to each other by school email, with adult oversight.


Each group will be led on a neighborhood walk and nature audit and mapping of their own school zone.


The two groups will decide together on a location for their first day hike, and service project.


The two groups will continue to hike and participate in service projects as desired, for a year or multi year projects.




If you are interested in learning how to enroll your school or classroom into our Sister School program, please contact us using the form below. 

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