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Catherine_Rivkin_Bio_Pic.png Catherine (Cassie) Rivkin

 Catherine is a lifelong supporter of those in need. Whether she’s serving as a mentor for the  Dreamcatcher Foundation, advocating for women’s economic empowerment, or joining  Habitat for Humanity builds, her unwavering attention to under-resourced groups is visible  wherever she goes. Moreover, between a history of communications management, financial  planning, and fundraising experience, Catherine’s career reflects her savvy for maximizing a  non-profit’s community impact. She currently remains partnered with the UCLA Bruin  Guardian Scholarship as a career-skills coach for UCLA students that were formerly in  foster care.

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Allison_Reynolds_Bio_Pic.png Allie Reynolds

 REI Sales Lead, Outdoor School Coordinator

 Allie is an outdoor instructor utilizing her training in therapy and psychology along with her  teaching and curriculum development skills to share and foster a passion for the responsible  and healing use of the outdoors with the next generation.  Allie is a surf instructor for a  company that offers private lessons summer camps and competitive coaching to elementary,  middle and high school aged youth.  She has a master in Social Work from UCLA.  At REI  Allison currently works as a Sales Lead and Coordinator for in-store Outdoor School events  and classes.

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Julie_Ward_Bio_Pic.png Julie Ward

Julie Ward is passionate about food and making healthy food delicious. Her mission is to help people become healthier and feel better through the foods they eat. She has been researching foods, herbal remedies, and making changes to her diet for the last 25 years. She had to change her diet due to a history of digestive issues, brief battle with depression, and to have more focus in her life. Her diet continues to evolve according to what her needs are in life. She created Fresh Food Alchemy as a culmination of her life. It was born as a crusade to help people enjoy healthy, tasty plant-based food. She helps people change their perceptions of eating healthy. Julie can help you bring back the joy and excitement of good food by getting you back in the kitchen excited to try new recipes and vegetables. By eating the right foods and maintaining a healthy lifestyle everyone can be healthy, prevent major illnesses, and enjoy tasty easy meals.  The mission through Talk, Teach, and Taste is to show people that Healthy is the New Tasty! She holds a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition, an ACE Health Coach certification, a Master’s in Public Policy, and a B.S. in Mathematics. To have her assist you in creating a new food lifestyle contact her via email at or c: (310) 880-0165. Healthy is the new Tasty! 


Founders / Staff

sonja.JPG Sonja Williams

 Co-Founder, Executive Director

 Sonja has been educating LAUSD students in math, science and art for the past seventeen  years, fourteen of which were spent working at Carver Middle School, a Title 1 school that is now  partnered with WYLD. During her time at Carver, Sonja began working with the Sierra Club  and OBA to get her own classes on outdoor excursions regularly over the years. Upon co-  founding WYLD, she created and directs the Farm-to-Forest garden program on the Carver  campus, as well as orchestrating the monthly day hikes and curriculum. Sonja also handles  community outreach opportunities, connections and partnerships.   Sonja holds a BA in History from UC Santa Barbara and an MA in Urban School Administration from CSU Dominguez Hills.

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chris.jpg Chris Chandler

 Co-Founder, Instructor & Staff Director of Development, Operations & Other  Hats

 Chris’ desire to found and serve in WYLD stems from his passion for youth, the backcountry  wilderness, and his roots in Los Angeles spanning back six generations. Chris fell in love with  wilderness education through a freshmen pre-orientation backcountry trip in Pisgah National Forest  in Western North Carolina.  Chris has worked as a wilderness instructor for various agencies over  the last 15 years and is philanthropically engaged throughout Los Angeles and California, especially  with regard to education reform and sustainable living. He has served on various boards and  funding committees, including Synergy Academy Charter Schools and the Downtown LA Music  Center's 50th 'Next 50,' initiative.  Chris holds a BA in Public Policy from Duke University and an MA  in Public Policy with a concentration in Nonprofit Management from UCLA. 

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Board of Advisors

meg_redo.JPG Meghan Shearer

 Co-Founder & Board of Advisors

 Meghan started her environmental education career teaching Tibetan refugee children in India while  pursuing her BS in Environmental Studies from UNC Asheville.  This experience inspired her to  further her education with a MA degree in Environmental Education from CSU San Bernardino.  Since then, Meghan has worked at a senior management level for nonprofits dedicated to  wilderness and conservation education.  She grew up in North Carolina where nature was always a  refuge for her; but it was a 23-day wilderness course in the Canyonlands of Utah that opened her  heart to the world of experiential education.  She is a certified Arborist and trained mindfulness  educator.  She recently moved home to North Carolina to raise her two daughters near family, but  remains dedicated to providing guidance and support to achieve WYLD’s mission.

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Fielding_Arnold_Bio_Pic.png Fielding Arnold

 Fielding is a mother, a consultant and a coach.  Fielding gained much of her professional outdoor  experience by working for several years at Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center in  Massachusetts. During that time her role evolved from instructor and captain leading expeditions  to becoming the Marine Operations Manager.  At Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer Fielding was  the director of an off-site program.  In the spring of 2002 She completed a NOLS 75-day  backcountry expedition in the remote Patagonia region focused on technical and outdoor skills,  leadership development, risk, management and decision making and environmental ethics.  She  also served as the Co-Director to Project WILD, the student outdoor club at Duke University  where she meet and befriended WYLD Co-Founder Chris Chandler.

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Carrie Truong - Garden Instructor

Carrie’s love for the outdoors and youth education began during her college years. Coming from a hardworking and under-resourced immigrant community, she never thought she’d backpack glaciers in Peru, spend a semester in Baja Mexico as a marine biology surveyor, and pass her passion along to other first-generation American students. She began volunteering at Outward Bound Adventures in 2006, and continued working as a staff instructor at OBA and Outward Bound National leading trips in the Sierras and running the family-oriented Teach Me To Camp program. An undergraduate at UCLA, Carrie worked at the high ropes Challenge Course, learning hard and soft skills for leadership and environmental education, and eventually working her way up to be the facility’s lead manager. With a dual B.S. in Geology and Environmental Science, Carrie now coordinates the garden program at Carver, a popular class that meets weekly during school hours. She teaches students plant science and gardening, and she plays an integral role in keeping garden students connected to and excited about WYLD’s more extensive and long-term opportunities.

Atem Kuol - US Military Veterans and Youth Mentorship Program Manager

Atem’s passion for education and outdoor activities was ignited in a refugee camp in Western Ethiopia, when his journey started under a tree instead of a conventional classroom. During a chapter in his life’s journey, Atem walked/hiked/migrated more than 450 miles on foot from Ethiopia to Southern Sudan. He believes that while his reasons for hiking back in those days was different than his reasons now, the methodology remains the same. As a US Marine with five years active duty service he enjoyed running, hiking and walking as activities that stimulate learning and fun. Atem believes every person should have the opportunity to engage in sports, nature, and a strong education beginning at an early age.  Atem holds a BS in Psychology from Campbell University and MS in Organizational Leadership & Graduate Certificate in Project Management from Boston University.

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