Our Favorite Moments...


In their own words...


Mono Lake camping trip, 2016. 6th-8th grade.

WYLD asked students, "What are you excited about? What are you feeling trepidatious about?"

“I’m excited about everything. I’m trepadacious about getting lost, and leaving my pet at home”


‘I am excited about sleeping under the stars. I’m trepadacious about crossing the crack, the San Andreas Fault.”


 “I’m feeling happy, and a little scared of the San Andreas Fault. I’m excited to learn new things.”  

-Megan H.

 “I’m excited about everything and exploring new things.”

-Brandon H.

WYLD asked students, describe your experience at Fossil Falls.

“Fossil Falls was……...AWESOMANGEROUS!”


 “Can we do another solo walk?”


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