WHAT goes into an L.A. WYLD day hike?

WHAT goes into an La WYLD DAY HIKE? 

  • FIRST, we need participants, so we have an after school club leader on the campuses we work with.
  • SECOND, we have forms, and more forms that need to be COPIED, re-copied, filled out by parents and organized by staff. Kids are called the night before to remind them to bring lunches, water and show up.
  • THIRD, we choose a location which needs to be SCOUTED out by, at least, the two main hiking guides (Vets and other staff) at least a week BEFORE the trip can happen. Scout trips make sure there are no washed-out trails; Identifies where we can take breaks on the trail as we go; Any possible hazards; Where local hospitals are in case we need them, and identifies AT LEAST two trip itineraries: the optimal one and one in case we hike slower than we anticipated. Hiking guides, like circus and other performers, are professionals who have been perfecting their craft for a long time, are GREAT with kids, and THEY GET PAID! for their knowledge and skills.
  • FOURTH: An ITINERARY is planned, written, copied for all staff members. 
  • FIFTH: Transportation! Usually two 10 person vans procured the night before by staff. Vans range from $150 to $200 a piece, and we have to pick them up at LAX. 
  • SIXTH: Guides and club leaders arrive on-site an hour before students, usually between 5:30 and 6:30 am. to go over itinerary, emergency procedures and any stand-out issues on youth medical forms. 
  • SEVENTH: The kids arrive and learn how to read a city map and a topo map of where we are going. They also are handed compasses for the day and taught how to use them. Students are also taught how to identify useful native plants, which can be eaten if necessary, and how the native Americans used them. All kids learn the seven principals of Leave No Trace. 
  • NINTH: We carry out more trash than we brought in. 
  • TENTH: WE HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

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